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Agriculture: Agriculture

Department of Agriculture Research Guide


Department of Agriculture
Departmental Research Guide

This research guide relays some basic information on library and information resources pertaining to the concerns of this department, as provided by University Libraries and/or sites on the World Wide Web.

1. LC Call Nos.    2. Find Articles    3. Ref Collection    4. Ag Faculty    5. Prof. Societies     6. Websites

1. To Shelf-Browse for Books (using main Library of Congress Subject Divisions)

Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use TOPCAT to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

Golf Courses & Greens (GV975) ------- Economics of Agriculture (HD1401 - HD2210 & HD9000 - HD9495) ------- Agricultural Insurance (HG9966 - HG9969.4) ------- Rural Sociology (HT401 - HT485) ------- Plant Physiology (QK640 - QK707) ------- Microbial Ecology (QR111 - QR113) ------- General Agriculture (S) ------- Plant Culture (SB) ------- Forestry (SD) ------- Animal Culture (SF) ------- Aquaculture/Fisheries (SH) ------- General Hunting (SK1 - SK21) ------- Agriculture Bibliography (Z5071 - Z5076) ------- Botany Bibliography (Z5351 - Z5358) ------- Dairying Bibliography (Z5706 - Z5707) ------- Gardening Bibliography (Z5996 - Z5997) ------- Horses Bibliography (Z6240) ------- Tobacco Bibliography (Z7882)

2a. To Find Journal and Magazine Articles (freshmen & nonmajors)

The following services are recommended for courses for first-year students and nonmajors:

2b. (advanced students & researchers)

The following services are recommended for use by advanced students and researchers:

Special Resources

3. Monographic and Other Reference Materials in the Helm Library and Kentucky Building

The following are recommended for use:

  • handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, etc.: available in Reference, mainly in the SSBSDSF, and SH parts of the collection.
  • artifacts, publications and manuscript materials in the Kentucky Building on agricultural practices, tobacco, forestry, care of stock, veterinary medicine and farming.

4. Department of Agriculture Faculty

6. Web Sites Recommended by Department of Agriculture Faculty

Science Librarian

Charles Smith
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