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Theatre and Dance: Articles & Databases

Theater and Dance

Department of Theatre and Dance

Federal Theatre Project

Take a look at the Library of Congress Digital Playscript Collection: The New Deal Stage

(Library of Congress, 2013)

Basic Research

To Find Journal and Magazine Articles (using indexing/abstracting/full-text services)

The following are recommended for courses for first-year students and non-majors:

Advanced Research

The following are recommended for use by advanced students and researchers:

Special Resources

Subject Guide

Katherine Pennavaria
Visual & Performing Arts Library

Cravens Office 207

(270) 745-6119
Website / Blog Page


Motley Collection of Theatre & Costume Design

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a wonderful collection of theatre history. Check out the collection of set designs and costumes from Margaret Harris, sister Sophia Harris, and Elizabeth Montgomery. There works have been featured in theatres in America and England. 

Casting Call

WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama

(WWW Virtual Library Theatre and Drama, 2013)

The website is a nice website that has accessible links to local auditions and journal articles.