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Kentucky Information in Cyberspace: Home

A directory of websites featuring information resources about Kentucky

About KIIC

Kentucky Information in Cyberspace...piecing it all together (KIIC) was initially created by Cynthia Etkin, former Coordinator of Government & Law Information of the Department of Library Public Services at Western Kentucky University, as a pre-conference presentation at the Fall 1995 meeting of the Kentucky Library Association.

Today the site is continuously developed and maintained by Brian Coutts, Haiwang Yuan, Rosemary Meszaros, Debbie LaMastus of the Department of Library Public Serivices and Nancy Richey from the Department of Library Special Collections of the Western Kentucky University Libraries.

The aim of the site is to be a selective, logically arranged, easy to find, and frequently updated starting point for finding Kentucky Information in the vast area known as the Internet or cyberspace. We welcome your comments or suggestions for links for inclusion in KIIC. So please leave your comments.

Brian Coutts
Haiwang Yuan
Rosemary Meszaros
Debbie LaMastus
Nancy Richey

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