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Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use TOPCAT to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

Pedagogy of Instructional Design:
Activity programs in education LB1027.25---- Adult education LC5201-6660---- Audiocassettes in education LB1044.4---- Audio-visual education LB1043-1044.9---- Audio-visual materials LB1042.5-1044.868; P93.5---- Comic books, strips, etc., in education LB1044.9---- Correspondence schools and courses LC5900-6101---- Curriculum planning LB2806.15---- Distance education LC5800-5808---- Education--Experimental methods LB 1027.3---- Motion pictures in education LB1044---- Photography--Digital techniques TR267---- Portfolios in education LB1029.P67---- Programmed instruction LB1028.5---- Project method in teaching LB1027.43---- Television in education LB1044.7---- Video tapes in education LB1044.75---- Visual aids LB1043.5-1044.

Psychology of Instructional Design:
Abstraction BF443-443.5---- Achievement motivation BF501-504.3; LB1065---- Apperception BF321; LB1067---- Association of ideas BF365-395---- Attention BF321-323; LB1065---- Cognition BF309-499---- Comprehension BF325---- Concept learning LB1062---- Creative thinking LB1062---- Educational psychology LB1050.9-1091---- Feedback (Psychology) BF319.5.F4---- Human information processing BF444---- Implicit learning BF319.5.I45---- Information theory Q350-390---- Insight BF449.5---- Interest (Psychology) BF321; LB1065---- Learning, Psychology of BF318-319.5; LB1060-1091---- Memory BF370-387; LB1063-1064---- Metacognition BF311---- Perceptual-motor learning BF295; LB1067---- Reasoning (Psychology) BF442---- Thought and thinking BF441-449; LB1590.3-.5---- Transfer of training LB1059---- Visual perception BF241.


Technology and Computers:
Blogs TK5105.8882---- Computational intelligence Q342---- Computational linguistics P98-98.5---- Computer bulletin boards ZA4390---- Computer graphics T385---- Computer literacy LB1028.43; LB1043---- Computer managed instruction LB1028.46---- Computer programming QA76.6-.66---- Computer-assisted instruction LB1028.5-.7---- Computers and children QA76.9.C659---- Data mining QA76.9.D32-QA76.9.D343---- Database searching ZA4460---- Databases QA76.9.D32 (Data mining); ZA4450-4460 (Information science)---- Digital video TK6680.5-6687---- Educational games LB1029.G3---- Educational technology LB1028.3---- Education--Data processing LB1028.43---- Education--Information services LB1028.26-.27---- Education--Simulation methods LB1029.S53---- Electronic commerce HF5548.32-.33---- Electronic data processing documentation QA76.9.D6---- Electronic mail systems TK5105.73-.743---- Human-computer interaction QA76.9.H85---- Hypertext systems QA76.76.H94---- Information superhighway ZA3201-3250---- Information technology HC79.I55; HD30.2; T58.5-.64---- Interactive multimedia QA76.76.I59---- Internet industry HD9696.8---- Internet marketing HF5415.1265---- Internet programming QA76.625---- Internet TK5105.87-5187.885; ZA4195-4201---- Internet videos TK5105.8867---- Knowledge management HD30.2-HD30.215---- Multimedia systems QA76.575---- Online algorithms QA76.9.A43---- Online databases ZA4450-4460---- Semantic Web TK5105.88815---- Simulation games in education LB1029.S5---- Speech processing systems TK7882.S65---- Web 2.0 TK5105.88817---- Web search engines TK5105.884-.885; ZA4230-4232---- Webcasting TK5105.887---- Wikis (Computer science) TK5105.8882---- World Wide Web TK5105; ZA4195-4235.

Technical Aspects of Computer Networks:
Bluetooth technology TK5103.3---- Computer engineering TK7885-7895---- Computer networks TK5105.5-.9---- Digital communications TK5103.7-.75---- Electronic information resources ZA4050-4460---- Synchronous data transmission systems TK5105.4---- Telecommunication TK5103-TK105.883---- Wide area networks (Computer networks) TK5105.87-.875---- Wireless communication systems TK5103.2 - TK5105.77---- Wireless LANs TK5105.78.

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