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Library of Congress Subject Divisions

Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use TOPCAT to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects

Finding Books: Library of Congress Classification | SuDoc System (Gov't Documents)

Education (General) L7-L991 ------- History of Education LA5-LA2396 ------- Theory and Practice of Education LB5-LB3640 ------- Teaching (Principles and Practices) LB 1025-LB1050.7 ------- Early Childhood Education LB1139.2-LB1139.5 ------- Preschool Education/Nursery Schools LB1140-LB1140.5 ------- Kindergarten LB1141-LB1489 ------- Primary Education LB1501-LB1547 ------- Elementary or Public School Education LB1555-LB1602 ------- Special Aspects of Education LC8-LC6691 ------- Textbooks LT6-LT1001.

Bibliography & Library Science in General:
Books in General Z4-Z115.5 ------- Book Industries and Trade Z116-Z659 ------- Libraries and Library Science Z662-Z1000.5 ------- Bibliography Z1001-Z8999.

Library Science (Specific Subjects):
Archives CD931-CD996 ------- Records--Management
HF5735 ------- Media Programs (Education) LB1028.4 & Z675 ------- Library Cooperation Z672-Z680 ------- Academic Libraries Z675 ------- Libraries and Education Z675 & Z718 ------- School Libraries Z675 ------- Special Libraries Z675 ------- Library Administration Z678 ------- Public Libraries--Administration Z678.6 ------- Small Libraries--Administration Z678.6 ------- Libraries--Automation Z678.9 & Z692 & Z699 ------- Libraries and Readers Z678.9 & Z716.3 ------- Public Libraries Z679.5 ------- Librarians Z682 ------- Library Finance Z683 & Z689 ------- Collection Development (Libraries) Z687-Z691 ------- Libraries and Community Z688 & Z716.4 ------- Cataloging Z693-Z695 & Z699 ------- Classification--Books Z696-Z698 ------- Library Orientation Z699.35 & Z711.2 ------- Libraries--Public Relations Z716.3 ------- Audio-Visual Library Services Z717 ------- Libraries--Censorship Z718.1 ------- Libraries--History Z720-Z875.

Technology Aspects of Librarianship:
Blogs TK5105.8882 ------- Computer literacy LB1028.43; LB1043 ------- Computers and children QA76.9.C659 ------- Data mining QA76.9.D32-QA76.9.D343 ------- Database searching ZA4460 ------- Databases QA76.9.D32 (Data mining); ZA4450-4460 (Information science) ------- Electronic books Z1033.E43 ------- Electronic information resources ZA4050-4460 ------- Electronic publishing Z286.E43 ------- Electronic records CD974.4 ------- Electronic reference services (Libraries) Z711.45 ------- Hypertext systems QA76.76.H94 ------- Information superhighway ZA3201-3250 ------- Information technology HC79.I55; HD30.2; T58.5-.64 ------- Interactive multimedia QA76.76.I59 ------- Internet marketing HF5415.1265 ------- Internet research ZA4228-4482 ------- Internet TK5105.87-5187.885; ZA4195-4201 ------- Internet videos TK5105.8867 ------- Library information networks Z674.7-.83 ------- Library Web sites Z674.75.W67 ------- Multimedia systems QA76.575 ------- Online databases; ZA4450-4460 ------- Photography--Digital techniques TR267 ------- Semantic Web TK5105.88815 ------- Web 2.0 TK5105.88817 ------- Web search engines TK5105.884-.885; ZA4230-4232 ------- Webcasting TK5105.887 ------- Wide area networks (Computer networks) TK5105.87-.875 ------- Wikis (Computer science) TK5105.8882 ------- Wireless communication systems TK5103.2 - TK5105.77 ------- Wireless LANs TK5105.78 ------- World Wide Web TK5105; ZA4195-4235

Education Subject Guide

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