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Looking for a paper or project topic? Consider one of the following:


  • difference between sexual orientation (who you're attracted to) and gender identity (who you are)
  • queer performance art / film festivals
  • discrimination and treatment of LGBTQ+ people in the workplace
  • violence toward / bullying of LGBTQ+ people
  • gender nonconforming children in schools
  • asexuality (what is means, how it is often misunderstood)
  • marriage of LGBTQ+ people to heterosexuals in order to ‘pass’
  • LGBTQ+ writers, pioneers, activists
  • LGBTQ+ parenting
  • transgender history, visibility, importance of 'passing'
  • difference between sexual behavior and sexual identity
  • bisexuality (history as a separate identity)
  • how nonbinary identity differs from transgender identity


  • time period / location where same-sex attraction was accepted
  • LGBTQ+ political history, fight for gay rights


  • legal rights of transgender people
  • LGBTQ+ rights worldwide
  • same-sex marriage (who supports it, who opposes it, legislation pertaining to)


  • biological research on sexual orientation
  • LGBTQ+ mental health
  • gender dysphoria and the controversy of diagnosing ‘gender identity disorder’
  • new surgical technologies for LGBTQ+ people
  • how the medical establishment treats transgender people
  • role of testosterone limits and measuring tests in professional sports (especially in regard to female athletes)