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Finding E-Books

You can access e-books through WKU Libraries One Search. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to search for e-books.

Finding e-books

How to find e-books?

Step One:

From the WKU Library home page click on the “WKU Library Catalog” tab. 

screenshot image of the WKU Libraries website with a circle around the Library Catalog tabcloseup screen shot of the WKU Libraries Catalog tab on our website

Step Two:

In the search box type the title or subject topic you are looking for. Don’t forget to click on the search (magnifying glass icon). 

Screenshot of the search box on our WKU Libraries website

Step Three:

On the left side, you will find the Active Filters that allow you to specify your search. Select the Availability box to “Available Online” and the Resource Type box to “Books” to filter for e-books only. Don’t forget to click on the “Apply Filters” tab to filter your search. 

screenshot of the filter box on the left side of the screen on the Library Catalog search

avatar graphic image representing a male searching for an e-book on his tablet That’s it! 
                           Now, go find an e-book!

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