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Geography & Geology

Geography & Geology Research Guide

Geography & Geology

Department of Geography & Geology
Departmental Research Guide

This research guide relays some basic information on library and information resources pertaining to the concerns of this department, as provided by University Libraries and/or sites on the World Wide Web.

To Shelf-Browse for Books (using main Library of Congress Subject Divisions)

Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use the One-Search Library Catalog to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

World Regional Geographies/Histories (D's, E's & F's) ------- General Geography (G) ------- Cartography etc. (GA) ------- Regional & Physical Geography (GB) ------- Oceanography (GC) ------- General Environmental Sciences (GE) ------- Human Ecology (GF) ------- Population Geography/Migration (HB1951 - HB2577) ------- Economic History & Conditions (HC & HD) ------- General & Urban Transportation (HE131 - HE333) ------- Commercial/Economic Geography (HF1025 - HF1027) ------- Human Settlements & Cities (HT) ------- Geopolitics/Nationalism (JC319 - JC323) ------- City Planning/Beautifying (NA9000 - NA9428) ------- Meteorology & Climatology (QC851 - QC999) ------- Phytogeography (QK101 - QK474) ------- Soil Science (S590 - S599) ------- Natural Resource Conservation (S900 - S972) ------- Survey Methods (TA590 - TA597) ------- various bibliographic subjects (Z)

Regional & Physical Geography (GB) ------- Oceanography (GC) ------- Geophysics & Geomagnetism (QC801 - QC849) ------- Geology (all main subjects) (QE) ------- Mining (TN) ------- various bibliographic subjects (Z)

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