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Earth, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences

Earth, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences

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Call Number by Subject (Print Book Collection)

This research guide relays some basic information on library and information resources pertaining to the concerns of this department, as provided by University Libraries and/or sites on the World Wide Web.

To Shelf-Browse for Books (using the main Library of Congress Subject Divisions)

Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use the One-Search Library Catalog to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

Handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, etc.

  • Dana's New Mineralogy QE372.D23 
  • Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences QC854 .E522 
  • Encyclopedia of Caves & Karst Science GB601 .E535 
  • Encyclopedia of Geomorphology GB400.3 .E53
  • Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences GC9 .E57 
  • Significant Tornadoes QC955.5 .U6.G733x 
  • The Columbia Gazetteer G103.5 .C65x
  • The Weather Almanac QC983.W38 
  • Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology QE770.J6.


  • Cartography etc. (GA) 
  • City Planning/Beautifying (NA9000 - NA9428) 
  • Commercial/Economic Geography (HF1025 - HF1027)
  • Economic History & Conditions (HC & HD)
  • General & Urban Transportation (HE131 - HE333)
  • General Environmental Sciences (GE)
  • General Geography (G) 
  • Geopolitics/Nationalism (JC319 - JC323)
  • Human Ecology (GF)
  • Human Settlements & Cities (HT)
  • Meteorology & Climatology (QC851 - QC999) 
  • Natural Resource Conservation (S900 - S972) 
  • Oceanography (GC)
  • Phytogeography (QK101 - QK474) 
  • Population Geography/Migration (HB1951 - HB2577)
  • Regional & Physical Geography (GB)
  • Soil Science (S590 - S599) 
  • Survey Methods (TA590 - TA597) 
  • Various bibliographic subjects (Z)
  • World Regional Geographies/Histories (D's, E's & F's)


  • Geology (all main subjects) (QE) ------- Mining (TN)
  • Geophysics & Geomagnetism (QC801 - QC849)
  • Oceanography (GC)
  • Regional & Physical Geography (GB)
  • Various bibliographic subjects (Z)

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