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Biology Research Guide

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Call Number by Subject

Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use the One-Search Library Catalog to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

  • Biochemistry: QD415-QD436
  • Biology Miscellaneous (Evolution, Genetics, Reproduction, Ecology, Cytology, etc.): QH301-QH705.5
  • Biotechnology: TP248.13-TP248.65
  • Botany: QK
  • Environmental Sciences: GE
  • Environmental Technology: TD
  • Human Anatomy: QM
  • Microbiology: QR
  • Natural History: QH1-QH278.5
  • Natural Resources Conservation: S900-S954
  • Paleobiology: QE760.8-QE996.5
  • Physiology: QP
  • various bibliographic subjects (Z)
  • Zoology: QL

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