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Counseling and Student Affairs

Counseling and Student Affairs Departmental Research Guide

Counseling & Student Affairs Call Numbers

Counseling and Student Affairs Call Numbers: Where to find books in the library on counseling and student affairs.

  • BF175.4.C68 (Counseling. Psychoanalytic counseling)
  • BF175.4.C68 (Psychoanalytic counseling)
  • BF636.3 (Operational psychology--Counseling psychology. Counseling)
  • BF636.7 (Counseling--Special Topics)
    • BF636.7.C76 (Cross-cultural counseling)
    • BF636.7.G76 (Group counseling)
    • BF636.7.H86 (Humanistic counseling)
    • BF636.7.P44 (Peer counseling)
    • BF636.7.R44 (Re-evaluation counseling)
    • BF636.7.S57 (Short-term counseling)
  • BF637.M45 (Mentoring)
  • BF698.8.I58 (Inventory for Counseling and Development)
  • BJ1595.5 (Philosophical counseling)
  • BJ1596 (Twelve-step programs)
  • BV4012.2 (Pastoral counseling)
  • HD7255.5 (Rehabilitation counseling)
  • HF5381 (Vocational guidance)
  • HF5549.5.C8 (Employee counseling)
  • LB1027.5 (Educational counseling)
  • ‚ÄčLB1027.55 (Student guidance and counseling--School psychology)
  • LB1027.6 (Student guidance and counseling--Computer-assisted counseling)
  • LB2342.9 (Student affairs services--General works)
  • LB2343-2350 (Student affairs services--Student guidance and counseling)
    • LB2343.25 (Student affairs services--Campus-based child care)
    • LB2343.3 (College orientation. College freshmen--General works)
    • LB2343.4 (College student development programs)
    • LB2343.5 (Employment bureaus. College placement services)
    • LB2343.6 (Student affairs services--Commuting students)
    • LB2344 (Student affairs services—Discipline)
    • LB2346 (Student affairs services--College student government)
    • LB2350 (Student affairs services--Relation between higher and secondary education)
  • R727.4 (Health counseling)
  • RC466 (Mental health counseling)

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