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Research guide for School of Teacher Education Elementary, Middle Grades, and Secondary Education students

Teacher Education Print Books: Call Numbers

  • L7-991 (Education--General)

  • LA5-2396 (History of education)

    • LA201-398 (United States)

  • LB5-3640 (Theory and practice of education)

    • LB1025-1050.75 (Teaching--Principles and practice)

    • LB1139.2-1139.5 (Early childhood education)

    • LB1140-1140.5 (Preschool education. Nursery schools)

    • LB1141-1489 (Kindergarten)

    • LB1501-1547 (Primary education)

    • LB1555-1602 (Elementary or public school education)

    • LB1603-1696.6 (Secondary education. High schools)

  • LC8-6691 (Special aspects of education)

    • LC3950-4806.5 (Exceptional children and youth. Special education)

      • LC3991-4000 (Gifted children and youth)

      • LC4001-4806.5 (Children and youth with disabilities. Learning disabled children and youth)

  • LT6-501 (Textbooks)

Education Subject Guide

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