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Finding Books about German Culture (History, Language, and Literature)

Books on subjects associated with German culture and civilization are shelved according to Library of Congress Subject Divisions under the call number ranges listed below: 

Subject Call # ranges:

History of Germany  DD1-905

German Language    PF3001-5999 

German Literature

  •  Medieval  PT175-230
  •  Modern  PT236-405
  • PT1501-2688 Individual authors or works
  • PT1501-1695 Middle High German, ca. 1050-1450/1500
  • PT1701-1797 1500-ca. 1700
  • PT1799-2592 1700-ca. 1860/70 ‚Äč
  • PT2600-2653 1860/70-1960
  • PT2660-2688 1961-2000
  • PT2700-2728 2001-present
  • PT3701-3971 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
  • PT3701-3746 East Germany

Use the One-Search Library catalog to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

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