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English (Writing and Literature) Departmental Research Guide

Useful Library Information for English Faculty and Instructors



This guide will help faculty and instructors navigate some of the WKU Library Policies and Procedures more easily.  New faculty often are unsure of procedures at their new school's library from checking out a book, using Reserves, to how to set up a library instruction session.  This guide should make it easier to locate the answer from the easy access listing below.

If you have questions or need help, contact Dan Forrest.


WKU Library Policies and Procedures for English Faculty and Instructors



Scheduling a Class (Library Instruction)

To schedule a Library Instruction Class for English, please email Dan Forrest at

Please provide:

  • The date you would like to bring the class in,
  • course name/number, 
  • contact information,
  • length of the class.
  • and if you want to ensure the class has time to work on their research after the demonstration.

I will tailor my presentation to your class.  Please give at least 48 hours notice. Please  let us know the class size so we have enough room available. I can make the demonstration as short as is necessary for the time you have to give me (I know time is at a premium in some classes), so the library instruction component does not have to take up an hour (I will need at least 20 minutes).  The classes are held in a small computer lab, so the class can resume normal mode after the demo, or the students can have hands-on time to work on their research there in the lab.  

To schedule a class in the library with a subject specialist librarian, use this guide to determine which librarian is the subject specialist for your area.  Then contact them using email to request setting up a class at the library.   Please specify date and time.  We are very flexible and will try and meet your needs.  We can do very short demonstrations, or work with your classes for the extended periods.  We can just do a demonstration of the databases and the catalog, or just give a tour of the library buildings (or both).  


Checking Out Books


Faculty may check out books from WKU Libraries using their WKU ID.  Faculty checkout period for books is one semester.   Students have a one month check out period.  If a book is kept past the due date, fines of ten cents per day will begin to accrue until the book is returned or declared lost (after 60 days).  If a book is lost, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of  the book plus a nominal fee.  Please contact Circulation (270 745-3951) for more information in such an eventuality.

Renewing Checked Out Books Online

Faculty (and students) may renew their library books online by going to the Library Home Page ( and clicking on the My Account  link under the Services list.   You can log in with your NetID and Password to access your record.  You will be able to see what you have checked out, when it is due, and will be able to renew your books.

Book (Materials) Ordering Process

books stacked

Send an email to Dan Forrest at body of the email should include: 

  • Book Title
  • Author 
  • Preferred book format (if necessary)
  • Add any special notes if needed (like: please rush order, need by Nov.15th, notify me when this arrives, etc.)

If the library already owns a book you would like in an e-book format, please let me know.  Not everything is available as an e-book.

Remember a library is more than just books.  Please let us know if there is any other kind of item we should have which will make teaching your course easier.  We will be happy to order dvds, cds, streaming videos, kits, and a other materials besides books.  Please send us a request and we will try and make it happen!

Questions, Concerns?  Please contact us!

Book (Materials) Ordering Policy


Anything you need for your classes, we will try to get (within budgetary constraints). We are here to support you and your classes.  Tell us what you need. 

The library budget for purchasing materials has undergone a change. In order for us to purchase materials for the library, we have to demonstrate thier necessity. The materials purchased MUST be tied to support a current or forthcoming course.  



Reserves are located at the Circulation Desk (4th Floor, Cravens).  You can put materials on Reserve for use by your students every semester.  You set the amount of time a student can check out an item from Reserves.  High demand materials should probably receive a shorter checkout time.  Library materials and your own personal materials can be put on Reserves.   Please contact the Circulation Desk with any questions at 270-745-3951.


Here is the Form to fill out to put materials on Reserves:

InterLibrary Loan


Items can be requested from InterLibrary Loan online from the link on the Library Home Page or go directly to the ILL page here:

Most articles are available electronically, and you will receive an email from ILL when it arrives in your account.   Items which need to be picked up in person (books and other materials) are now kept behind the Circulation Desk for easy retrieval.  


New Course Proposals

New Course Proposals require the form below to be filled out.  Please be sure to include a bibliography with your New Course Proposal Form.  WKU Libraries wants to ensure that we have adequate materials to support your classes, and providing us with a bibliography for your course helps us ensure that. Signatures from the English Department's liaison librarian and the Collection Development librarian are required on the New Course Proposal Forms.  This form can be scanned and sent in.  The signed form(s) will be rescanned and emailed back to you.

Here is the Library Resources Form (New Course Proposal Form):

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