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Resources available for the study of Philosophy

E-Books on Philosophical Traditions

Websites on Philosophical Traditions

African Philosophy Resources
This Web page is a very comprehensive look at African philosophy resources, including Websites, journals, associations, papers, email lists, materials on philosophers, and topics within the field of African philosophy. There is also a listing of sites for African countries, and materials on African religions.

Chinese Literature Classics
This is a site that contains primary materials relating to Chinese philsophy, including writings of Confucius, I Ching, Mencius on Goverence, Chuang Tze, Lao Tze DaoDeJing, and SunZi's Art of War.

Indian Philosophy and Religion : A Launch-pad to India's Spiritual Treasure /
This Web page contains a comprehensive listing of links to primary and secondary resources in Indian philosophy. In addition to traditional schools and religious texts, the site also links to modern schools of thought.

Moksha Journal / Yoga Anand Ashram.
This journal was founded in 1984 for the purpose of publishing essays and poetry pertaining to the concept of Moksha, defined by Monier-Williams as "liberation, release." Moksha reflects a multiplicity of perspectives, including works pertaining to Yoga, various schools of Buddhism, Sufism, Eastern and Western philosophy, meditation, and mystical Christianity.

Resources for Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies / University of Tokyo
This site has links to Indian philosophy, Japanese Philosophy, and Buddhist sites on the World Wide Web.

World Philosophy : Essay-Reviews of 225 Major Works / Edited by Frank N. McGill and Ian P. McGreal. 5 volumes. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Salem Press, 1982.
Contains 225 primary works, and at least 2 secondary critical essays about each primary work. The readability of the language varies; however, it would be best for the user to have a background in philosophy before using this set.

An Introduction to African Philosophy / Samuel Oluoch Imbo. Lanham, M.D. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1998.
This introductory work takes the subject of modern African philosophy and gives an overview of where African thought has gone since World War Two. There is excellent coverage of some of the controversies within the field of African philosophy, such as whether African thought can be expressed in a non-African language, or whether work on non-African ideas by African thinkers constitutes African philosophy. The endnotes are at the end of each chapter. In addition, there is a comprehensive list of readings at the end of the book, as well as a good index.

African Philosophy : An Introduction / Richard A. Wright. Lantham, MD : University Press of America, 1984.
This anthology of African philosophy covers an area that does not have much writing. The book is helpful in understanding what contemporary African philosophy is all about.

Indian Philosophy / Radhakrishnan. London : George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1923, 1966. 2 volumes.
Important work on the background of Indian and Hindu philosophy. References are in footnotes spread throughout the text, and there is an index in the back of the book.