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Codes of Best Practice for Fair Use


The following list contains codes of best practices for fair use in a series sponsored by the Center for Social Media. The reason for these best practice codes is because courts deciding fair use cases specifically looks to the best practices of the field. In the past, it has mostly been the content owners who have defined the practices. The idea of this series of codes is to create best practices multiple fields and disciplines that are based upon the existing law, that can be found and followed fairly easily, and that create a level playing field between content owners and content users. The people involved in this series are absolutely first-rate, and are led by distinguished intellectual property experts Peter Jaszi and Patricia Aufderheide.

Best practice codes in this series include:

Copyright Permission and Fair Use


Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright & Fair Use (Stanford University Libraries)

The Copyright Website (P.J. Benedict O'Mahoney, copyright lawyer) features a Fair Use Test, News, and Basics of Copyright Law.

Questions and Answers on Copyright for the Campus Community
(National Association of College Stores & Association of American Publishers)

Stanford University Libraries Copyright and Fair Use


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