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Literacy Education

Research guide for School of Teacher Education Literacy Education students

Books & Print Resources

All books are located in the Beulah Winchel Education Library unless otherwise noted.

Literacy Education Call Numbers: 

  • L7-L991 (Education--General)
  • LA5-LA2396 (History of Education)
  • LB5-LB3640 (Theory and Practice of Education)
    • LB1025-LB1050.7 (Teaching--Principles and Practices)
    • LB1139.2-LB1139.5 (Early Childhood Education)
    • LB1140-LB1140.5 (Preschool Education/Nursery Schools)
    • LB1141-LB1489 (Kindergarten)
    • LB1501-LB1547 (Primary Education)
    • LB1555-LB1602 (Elementary or Public School Education)
  • LC8-LC6691 (Special Aspects of Education)
    • LC149-161 (Literacy)
  • LT6-LT1001 (Textbooks)
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