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Literacy Education

Research guide for School of Teacher Education Literacy Education students

Welcome to the Literacy Research Guide

This is WKU Libraries' research guide for Literacy resources. It contains links to print and online resources to help students, staff, and faculty explore WKU Libraries' many research materials in literacy. Please feel free to contact the education librarian, Roxanne Spencer (see contact information, right), for more assistance. I am happy to help you navigate our resources to get you the materials you need! We can meet in person, via email, or phone consultation, and my time is flexible--we all lead busy lives!

"Re-Search" Graphic Organizer: Copy and paste this table into an MS Word file. You can reuse this graphic organizer to help you search for relevant, reliable research articles, websites, books, etc. Email me (see box at right) for a copy of this as a Word file.

Topic (your thesis statement or main question or ideas):



Keywords (topic-specific terms from texts, lectures, etc.):





Resources (journal articles, books, etc. that best relate to my topic):





Researchers and Sources (list best databases, titles, researchers, etc):







Useful Education Information

BEAM Method Background, Exhibit, Argument, Method: Using a variety of resources, wisely.

BEAM: Evaluating Sources Rhetorically (

How to Use a Source: BEAM Method (


Copyright, Fair Use, and TEACH ACT: What can be legitimately used for classes, face-to-face or online?

In general, these are the guidelines for educational copyright/fair use, including the TEACHACT, which deals with online classes (from the University of Arkansas Libraries' research guides):

More specifically, if WKU Libraries subscribes to the journal or has a copy of the book (print or ebook), faculty can make a copy of an article or book chapter and use it for/post it to a class. If WKU Libraries does NOT own the book or subscribe to the journal, faculty should gather those materials into a course pack for that class, which is handled through the WKU Store. Course packs usually have a fee attached.

Education Subject Guide

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