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One-Search Library Catalog: Getting Started

A guide to using the WKU Libraries One-Search Catalog

One-Search Results 

Shown below are a few results from a search for catalog materials related to "Artificial Intelligence." Note that the results include several different types of materials. To get more information about any of the items in your list of results, click on the title. 

One-search results examples


Filtering Results

Too Many Results? Tweak It! 

It is not unusual for a search to include hundreds of thousands, even millions, of results. This is obviously more than you will need, so you may wish to tweak your results using the catalog search filters.

On a mobile device, find the filters by clicking "tweak my results" at the bottom of the screen. On a computer the filters are shown on the right side of the screen. You can filter by library location, resource type, subject, date range, language, and others. 


screenshot of search filters