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What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is using another person's work without their knowledge, making it appear to be one's own.


Ideas, words, pictures, or other intellectual content, taken from another source must be acknowledged in a citation that gives credit to the source.  This is true no matter where the material comes from.

Check out the ESL's EnglishClub Definition of Plagiarism below:

Avoiding Plagiarism

to avoid plagiarism

The Punishable Perils of Plagiarism

This video summarizes various forms of plagiarism.  It was created by Melissa Huseman D'Annunzio and animated by Hache Rodriguez for TED-Ed.

Huseman D'Annunzio, M. [TED-Ed]. (2013, June 14). The punishable perils of plagiarism. [Video file]. Retrieved from 

Information on Plagiarism

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