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Organizational Leadership

Getting Started with Research in Leadership Studies

The study of leadership is a wide-ranging field that touches nearly every area of human endeavor. This research guide will get you started in the study of leadership. It provides suggestions for finding the most popular sources of information, including scholarly articles, journals, books, websites, and other resources. If you need further assistance with your research, contact Roxanne Spencer, WKU Libraries Coordinator of the Beulah Winchel Education Library.

Quick Start: Best Bets for Finding Leadership Articles

Graphic Organizer for Research
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Useful Education Information

BEAM Method Background, Exhibit, Argument, Method: Using a variety of resources, wisely.

BEAM: Evaluating Sources Rhetorically (

How to Use a Source: BEAM Method (


Copyright, Fair Use, and TEACH ACT: What can be legitimately used for classes, face-to-face or online?

In general, these are the guidelines for educational copyright/fair use, including the TEACHACT, which deals with online classes (from the University of Arkansas Libraries' research guides):

More specifically, if WKU Libraries subscribes to the journal or has a copy of the book (print or ebook), faculty can make a copy of an article or book chapter and use it for/post it to a class. If WKU Libraries does NOT own the book or subscribe to the journal, faculty should gather those materials into a course pack for that class, which is handled through the WKU Store. Course packs usually have a fee attached.


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Roxanne Spencer
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