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Endnote Basic: Getting Started

A guide to using Endnote Basic to manage your research materials, citations, and bibliographies

Entering Citations

Below is a view of the tabs on the EndNote Basic page. 

Endnote tabs

Adding Citations to Endnote:


Sending Citations to Endnote from Web of Science:

  • Mark the citations you want to save.
  • Click the Save to My EndNote Web button (screen right).
  • You will be asked to log onto My EndNote Web if you have not already done so.
  • Use the Back button to return to Web of Science.


Sending Citations to Endnote from ProQuest Databases

  • Select your citations from ProQuest, then click on 'Export/Save'.
  • Select output to 'Export to' to 'RIS'
  • Click 'Continue' and save the file to your computer
  • Import into EndNote Basic using ProQuest as an Import Option


  • If the .RIF file does not download to computer, either the browser pop-up blocker must be turned off or an exception for ProQuest website added.
  • If Zotero is used, disable Zotero or uncheck: Use Zotero for downloaded RIS/Refer files in General Preferences.
  • You may need to manually correct some parts of the entries.

Sending Citations to Endnote from Google Scholar:

  • Under the citation you have chosen, click the CITE link
  • When the pop-up Cite box comes up, choose IMPORT INTO ENDNOTE (near the bottom of the box).
  • Each citation is saved as a separate file
  • In Endnote go to the COLLECT tab, then import the citation file, then set Import Option to Endnote Import 
  • Choose the appropriate group for your citation

Adding Citations Manually

  • You can also create new citations in Endnote Basic manually
  • From the Collect tab, choose New Reference
  • You can choose a Reference Type from the dropdown menu, or use the generic form (see below)
  • Enter appropriate citation information, then save

Citation entry form