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Chinese Studies: Finding Books & Media

Research guides for the Chinese program on campus, particularly the programs offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Flagship Program at the Honors College

Finding Books

How to Find a Book

Here's a guide for finding books created by John Goffried.

Call Numbers

DS701-799.9 China
DS730-731 China-ethnography
DS733-779.32 China-history
DS781-796 Local history and description
DS781-784.2 Manchuria
DS785-786 Tibet
DS796.H7 Hong Kong
DS798.92-799.9 Taiwan
GT500-2370 Costume, dress, fashion
GT2400-3390.5 Customs relative to private life
GT3400-5090 Customs relative to public and social life
GR335-336 Chinese folklore and folktales
GR337 Tibetan folktales
GR337.5 Mongolian folktales
GR338 Taiwanese folktales
PL1001-3208 Chinese language and literature
PL1001-1960 Chinese language
PL2250-3208 Chinese literature
PL2450-2659 Collections of and about Chinese classics
PL2661-2979 Individual authors and works
PL3030-3208 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
PL3301-3311 Non-Chinese languages of China
PL3601-3775 Tibetan

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