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FAQs: How Do I Find and Access the Library Databases?

How to log onto the library databases both on- and off-campus, and troubleshooting problems

How do I log into the Library databases? 

  • If you are on campus, just click on the link to enter the database. 
  • If you are off-campus, a log-in page will appear when you try to enter the database. You will need to enter your WKU NetID and password to enter the database.

Common problems logging into the databases:  

1) You must access databases through links on the WKU Libraries website.

  • If you try to find the database through Google on the open web, the vendor will not recognize you as affiliated with the campus. Always find your database link on the library website. 

2) Off-campus login: Your WKU login information:

  • In order to use most of the WKU databases and online library resources from off-campus, you will need to log in using your NetID and password (the same username and password you use to enter your WKU email, Blackboard, and other services). If you have trouble with your WKU NetID and password, call the Information Technology helpdesk at (270) 745-7000.

3) Cookies, firewalls, pop-up blockers, and computer security systems

  • Sometimes the security settings on your computer will keep you from logging into the database server. Check to make sure your computer allows cookies. You might also need to turn off any pop-up blockers. 

4) Clear the cache in your browser

  • In some cases you may need to clear the contents of your browser cache and restart the browser to solve access problems. Each browser has its own procedure for doing this--check the 'help' function on your browser or do a search on Google to find detailed instructions. 

5) Logging in from your place of business or an off-campus public computer

  • If you are trying to log on from work or from a public computer, you may not have access to the adjustments you would need to make. In this case you need to speak with a technology administrator or IT person from your organization to help you.