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Affordable Textbook Program

2020 Affordable Textbook Initiative

In Fall 2020, the Affordable Textbook Initiative saved 571 students an estimated $69,803 (based on the average cost of the previously assigned textbook). 

The Affordable Textbook Initiative 2020, funded through generous support from WKU Sisterhood, awarded eight $1,500 grants to faculty who replaced a traditional textbook with a free or low-cost alternative. WKU Libraries and CITL offered assistance to all grant recipients in identifying textbook alternatives and updating syllabi and assignments. 

Congratulations to our 2020 Affordable Textbook Initiative participants!


Scott Bonham OCSE Physics and Astronomy
Dorothea Browder PCAL History
Reagan Brown OCSE Psychological Sciences
Jacob Byl GFCB Economics
Christopher Groves OCSE Geology and Geography
Anne Heintzman CEBS School of Professional Studies
Carnetta Skipworth OCSE Chemistry
Toni Szymanski CEBS School of Teacher Education