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Center for Citizenship & Social Justice

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Diversity & Community Studies Major Major in Diversity and Community Studies - Provides graduates with a critical framework for understanding social systems and structural forms of oppression at local and global scales. Students also gain practical skills of working with others to solve problems related to citizenship and activism.

 Minor in Citizenship & Social Justice - Provides graduates with a foundational understanding of concepts, issues, strategies, and practices of social justice from interdisciplinary and community-based perspectives. . . [engaging] citizenship and social justice through. . . critical theory and engagement.

Certificate in Citizenship & Social Responsibility - An interdisciplinary program fusing academic studies and civic duties.  The certificate focuses on contemporary issues that prepares students to be effective citizens - civic agents of change for the common good.

M.A. in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communities

Master of Arts in Social Responsibility & Sustainable Communities - Leading communities toward social justice and sustainability.

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