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Elizabethtown / Ft. Knox Library

The Elizabeth/Ft. Knox Library has numerous resources for WKU regional campus students to access. The research guide has great information, which is beneficial for the university success.

Elizabethtown/Ft. Knox Regional Center Library

Welcome to the

WKU Elizabethtown/Ft. Knox Library

Research Guide!

The resource library provides library services to students and faculty members that includes:

  • Research assistance from a librarian
  • Laptop computers
  • iPads
  • Course reserves
  • Online databases
  • Free delivery service from main campus library
  • Career resources and test prep

The library hours for Fall 2018 are Monday 9-5:30 (EST), Tuesday and Wednesday 9-7 (EST), Thursday 9-6 (EST), and Friday 10-3. (Hours are subject to change due to academic calendar and the librarian's schedule).

WKU Library Links

Finding the Information

Here are some tips and links to help you begin your research!

Boolean search techniques:

Below are some tips on finding sources in the database collections or even an Internet search engine.

When searching for a topic on music:

1. Try starting with a keyword search, such as Music and Italy. This will produce a list of resources that have both words in the title.

2. Also, you can use Music or Italy, which will retrieve information either on music or Italy or even both.

3. If you need to remove unneccessary results then try for example, Music not Italy. This will prevent unneeded information about Italy and focus on Music.

4. Another technique involves adding a truncation symbol, such as MUS* (the asterisk at the end will search all forms of the word) that include the words   Music, Musician, Musicians, and Musical.  

The Boolean technique will work great in some of the popular WKU Libraries' databases that includes:


Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)



LexisNexis Academic 

Google Scholar

Try the Google search technique page for interesting ways to search Google. 

Subject Guide

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