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Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Resources at WKU Libraries

Filtered Information Resources

Filtered resources summarize and appraise evidence from several studies. Include systematic reviews, critically appraised topics, evidence-based guidelines, and point of care references.

Sources for Primary Literature

Use these tools to search for primary studies. Utilize filters to find study types that provide best evidence; to narrow your results by patient age or gender, date or language.

Focusing Clinical Questions

PICO or PICOTT: a mnemonic to help formulate clinical EBP.

Often, not all are used in searching for evidence. For example, you often start with P and I.

  • Patient or Problem: Key characteristics of patients like yours
  • Intervention, Exposure, Treatment, or Prognostic Factor: What do you want to do?
  • Comparison: Alternative, if any
  • Outcome: What do you want to happen? (Okay to just say outcome)
  • Type of Question: Therapy/Diagnosis/Harm/Prevention
  • Type of Study: Systematic review, RCT, cohort study, case control

PICO Clinical Question Worksheet

Types of Question and Study design:

  • Clinical Examination: Prospective, blind comparison to Gold Standard
  • Diagnostic Testing: Prospective, blind comparison to Gold Standard
  • Prognosis: Cohort Study>Case Control>Case Series
  • Therapy: RCT
  • Etiology/Harm: RCT>Cohort Study>Case Control>Case Series
  • Prevention: RCT>Cohort Study>Case Control>Case Series
  • Cost: Economic Analysis