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Religious Studies

Resources available for the study of religion

Some Recent E-books on Religious Studies

Call Numbers

Subject Call # range
Ethics BJ1 - BJ1800
Humanism B778B821
Truth BD150 - BD171BT50
God, Religion, Religion Philosophy BL57 - BL185
Christianity BR - BX
Judaism BM
Islam BP20 - BP233
Bahaism BP300 - BP392
Hinduism BL1005 - BL1289
Buddhism BL1400 - 1495, BQ
Sikhism BL2017 - BL2018
Devil BT981BF1434 - BF1555
Heaven BT901
Future Life BT901 - BT921
Witchcraft BF 1434, BF1555 - BF1598
Demonology BF1434 - BF1555
Cults BP585 - BP605
Religion and Science BL200 - BL290
Creation BL200 - BL290
Mythology BL300 - BL390BL660 - BL980
Mysticism BL625
Jainism BL1311 - BL1376

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