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Asian Studies: Finding Books & Media

Library of Congress
Call Numbers for Asia


Asia--Description and travel


Asia--Economic conditions

Asia--Foreign relations

Asian Religions

Subject Call # range
China BL1800-1975 (BL1830-1882 Confucianism, BL1899-1942 Taoism)
Korea BL2230-2240
Mongol Religion BL2370.M7
Asian Shamanism BL2370.S5
Japan BL2200-2228 (Bl2216-227.8 Shintoism)


Subject Call # range
Canonical Literature BQ1100-3340 
Practice of Buddhism BQ4911-5720
Modifications, Schools, etc.


(BQ4730 Tibetian 


BQ8900 Tantric Buddhism, 

BQ9250 Zen)

Asian History

Subject Call # range
Asian History General DS1-35.2
Central Asia, General DS 327-329 

East Asia

Subject Call # range
China and Mongolia DS700-799
Manchuria DS781-784
Tibet DS785-786
Inner Mongolia DS793.M6
Xinjiang/East Turkestan DS793.S62
Mongolia DS798 
Japan DS800-899
Korea DS900-939
Southeast Asia DS 520-560.72 

Asian Folklore

Subject Call # range
Asian Folklore GR265-349

Asian Languages

Subject Call # range
Japanese Language PL 501-699
Chinese Language PL 1001-1960

Asian Literature

Subject Call # range
Mongolian Languages and Literatures PL400-431
Tungus-Manchu Languages and Literatures Pl 450-481
Japanese Language and Literature PL500-899
Korean Language and Literature PL900-999
Chinese Language and Literature PL1000-3208
Non-Chinese Languages of China PL3301-3311
Tibetan Language and Literature PL3601-3775

Note:  Volumes on Asian Art can be found throughout the “N’s,” many volumes on Asian economics and sociology throughout the “H’s,” and volumes on Asian politics in the “J’s,” and so on. Other useful subject areas include:

Anthropology & Sociology

Subject Call # range
Enthology. Social & Cultural Anthropology GN 301-674 
Sociology (General) HM 1-1281 
Social History & Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reform HN 1-995 
The Family. Marriage. Women HQ 1-2044
Communities. Classes. Races HT 51-1595
Social Pathology. Social & Public Welfare. Criminology HV 1-9960 
Socialism. Communism. Anarchism HX 1-970.7 

Economics, Industry, & Commerce

Subject Call # range
Economic history & conditions HC 10-1085
Industries. Land Use. Labor HD 28-9999
Commerce HF 1-6182 


Reference Books

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Streaming Video

American History in Video is the largest and richest collection of video available online for the study of American history. The site contains many videos on the U.S. and Asia.