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Master Educator Course: Research Tips

This guide provides information on library resources and writing assistance for Mater Educator Course Students

Research Tips

Some Research Tips

  1. Define and understand your assignment (write it out or say it out loud to be sure you understand what is required)
  2. Plan your research assignment (outline, such as introduction, sections that answer the assignment, and summary)
  3. Write and organize your notes (Fill in the outline with details on how your work will clearly answer your assignment)
  4. Locate and evaluate resources that will answer your assignment (textbooks, articles, websites, etc.Make sure your resources are credible sources)
  5. Analyze and use your resources to support your work. (Basically, if you make a specific statement, be sure that you can support it)
  6. Understand plagiarism and ownership of information (copyrights) Remember to give credit to the sources that you use through citations.
  7. Use the 7th Edition APA Writing Style Manual to properly cite your resources. I recommend you use Purdue OWL for assistance.
  8. Start as early as possible so you can make sure you have answered the assignment and you have time to make revisions.
  9. Proof read your work when you have completed it
  10. If possible get someone to review your assignment. (You mau think you wrote it correctly, but it is easy to overlook grammar and content)

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