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ICPSR Database Guide

A guide to getting started with the ICPSR database

Setting Up an Account in ICPSR

Setting Up Your ICPSR Account

Only WKU-affiliated students, staff, and faculty are authorized to access ICPSR under the WKU membership. To set up access you will need to create a personal account: 

  1. To create your free account you need to use on-campus computer (in a WKU computer lab, for instance, or an on-campus WKU office computer connected to the network).

  2. From the on-campus computer go to the ICPSR home page and click  Login / Create  Account in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

  3. On this page look for the New Account  instructions on the lower right.

  4.  Since you are registering via the WKU institutional membership you will have access to almost all of the data on ICPSR.  Your off-campus login status will last six months, then you will need to return to a campus computer to renew.

Tips on finding searching and accessing datasets are available through the tab at the top of the page. If you need further assistance contact Sean Kinder of WKU Libraries or Douglas Smith of the Sociology Department.