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CIS205: Technology in Society and Business, Library Guide

This guide offers suggestions, links and other resources to help you in your research for projects and assignments in CIS205

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Finding Resources at WKU Libraries

Finding resources for you CIS205 assignments will be quick and relatively easy when you have the right resources at your disposal. Below are a few of the most helpful WKU library resources. 

Since most of your topics are very current, the best source of information will often turn out to be the newspapers and news services. Here are a few links to good news databases that offer broad-based sources covering all points of view: 

Here a few links to large general-interest databases that will help you find articles of all types--popular, professional, and scholarly:

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher is an excellent introduction to researching a topic and presenting a professional, rationale argument for your point of view. It includes overviews of current controversial topics, along with a background of the controversy, timelines, facts & graphs, resources & bibliographies, and examples of professional writers arguing the pros and cons of an issue. First, here are some guides to get you started using CQ Researcher.

And here is the link to CQ Researcher: