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Evaluating Journals

Evaluating publishing opportunities

Evaluate a journal's credentials before submitting your manuscript. 

Positive Indicators:

  • Journal is published by an academic publisher or professional association.
  • Journal has clearly defined peer review process. 
  • Journal editors are experts in the field. 
  • Journal is indexed in major databases (easy to check: all library databases allow you to browse by journal title)
  • Scope of journal is clearly defined.

Predatory publishers:

Predatory journals are usually Open Access, but not all Open Access journals are predatory. A journal is considered predatory when it charges publication fees but does not provide adequate peer review or editorial and publishing support.

Before submitting an article for publication, verify:

  • Is this a journal you would cite? Do they publish quality articles?
  • Does the journal have an ISSN, and do its articles have DOIs? 
  • Does the publisher explain their peer review process, and is the turn around time reasonable? 
  • Is the scope and purpose of the journal clearly defined, and appropriate to your research? 



Think, Check, Submit