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One-Search Library Catalog: Getting Started

A guide to using the WKU Libraries One-Search Catalog

One-Search Library Catalog

WKU Libraries One-Search Catalog

The One-Search Library Catalog offers a one-stop search for materials provided by WKU Libraries. This includes books, journal articles, videos, CDs, DVDs, and other library resources. 

Find the One-Search Catalog on the WKU Libraries home page ( You can't miss's the big search box right in the middle of the page! Just enter your search term in the box (it can be a keyword, title, author, subject, or call number) and click on the Search icon.

screenshot of one search box with arrows indicating where to enter search terms



Results include several different types of materials. To get more information about any of the items in your list of results, click on the title.

                        screen shot of search results


Filter your search results using "Tweak My Results":

Advanced Search Tips

Advanced Search Tips

  • Use quotation marks (“ …. ”) to bring up results that contain that exact phrase. example: "Yellow Submarine."
  • Search operators:
    • Use AND to search two terms together. example: jaguar AND cheetah
    • Use OR to expand results. example: jaguar OR cheetah
    • Use NOT to exclude certain results. example: "noise pollution" NOT music
  • Wildcards:
    • Use a question mark (?) to search for multiple words with similar spellings: search for wom?n to find results containing both women and woman
    • Use an asterisk (*) to retrieve results that include various endings to the search word: search for educat* to find education, educator, educate, educating, and so forth.


Video Intro to the One Search Catalog