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Library Liaisons by Subject: Need help? Ask Us!

Need help? Ask Us!


Subject Librarian
Accounting Tony Paganelli
Agriculture Haiwang Yuan
Allied Health Carol Watwood
Applied Human Sciences Carol Watwood
Art Katherine Pennavaria
Biology Haiwang Yuan
Chemistry Haiwang Yuan
Communication Dan Forrest
Communication Disorders Carol Watwood
Counseling and Student Affairs Roxanne Spencer
Economics Tony Paganelli
Education Roxanne Spencer
Engineering and Applied Sciences Haiwang Yuan
English Jack Montgomery
Film Sean Kinder
Finance Tony Paganelli
Folks Studies and Anthropology Sean Kinder
Geology and Geography Haiwang Yuan
History Dan Forrest
Information Systems Tony Paganelli
Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising Katherine Pennavaria
Journalism and Broadcasting Sean Kinder
Kinesiology Recreation and Sport Dan Forrest
Law Tony Paganelli
Management Tony Paganelli
Marketing Tony Paganelli
Mathematics Haiwang Yuan
Military Science Dan Forrest
Modern Languages Sean Kinder
Music Katherine Pennavaria
Nursing Carol Watwood
Philosophy and Religion Jack Montgomery
Physical Therapy Carol Watwood
Physics and Astronomy Haiwang Yuan
Political Science Dan Forrest
Psychology and Psychological Sciences Roxanne Spencer
Public Health Carol Watwood
Social Work Carol Watwood
Sociology Sean Kinder
Teacher Education Roxanne Spencer
Theatre and Dance Katherine Pennavaria



Public Services Library Faculty 

Laura DeLancey
Department Chair | 270-745-3979

Dan Forrest
Associate Professor, History & Communication | 270-745-6164

Sean Kinder
Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian | 270-745-6339

Jack Montgomery
Professor, Coordinator of Acquisitions & Collection Services | 270-745-6156

Anthony Paganelli
Library Instructor | 270-706-8870

Katherine Pennavaria
Professor, (VPAL) Visual and Performing Arts Library Coordinator | 270-745-6119

Roxanne Spencer
Associate Professor, Coordinator of Beulah Winchel Education Library | 270-745-3147

Carol Watwood
Associate Professor, Health Sciences Librarian | 270-745-3912

Haiwang Yuan
Professor, Science Librarian | 270-745-5084


Special Collections Library Faculty
Sue Lynn McDaniel
Professor, Special Collections Librarian | 270-745-3246
Nancy Richey
Associate Professor, Reading Room Coordinator,
Visual Resources Librarian | 270-745-6092