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Books on subjects associated with this field are shelved under the call number ranges listed below. Use the One-Search box to search for specific items in the collection, or more narrowly-defined subjects.

History, General D —— Great Britain DA —— Central Europe DAW —— Austria DB1- DB879 —— Hungary DB901- DB999 —— Czechoslovakia DB2000- DB3150 —— France DC —— Germany DD —— Greco-Roman World DE —— Greece DF —— Italy DG —— Low Countries DH, DJ —— Eastern Europe DJK —— Russian Federation DK —— Scandinavia DL —— Spain and Portugal DP —— Switzerland DQ —— Balkan Peninsula DR —— Asia DS —— India DS401- DS486 —— China DS701- DS799.9 —— Japan DS801- DS897 —— Korea DS901- DS937 —— Africa DT43- DT154 —— North Africa DT160- DT177 —— North West Africa DT179.2- DT179.9 —— Central Africa DT348- DT363.3 —— Eastern Africa DT365- DT469 —— West Africa DT470- DT671 —— Southern Africa DT1001- DT1190 —— South Africa DT1701- DT2405 —— Oceania DU —— Australia DU80- DU398 —— New Zealand DU400- DU430 —— Gypsies DX —— Americas E- F —— United States E151- E740 and United States Local History F1- F975 —— Canada F1001- F1140 —— Mexico F1201- F1392 —— Latin America: General F1401- F1419 —— Central America F1421- F1577 —— West Indies F1601- F2191 —— South America: General F2201- F2239 —— South American Countries F2251- F3799 —— Economic History (by region and country) HC10- HC1085 —— Economic History & Conditions HD28- HD9999 —— Social History HN1- HN981

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