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Industry Research

This guide will help you perform industry research at WKU.

Why is Industry News Important?

Finding up-to date industry news and information can be really important when working on research projects, networking, or job hunting. Use the information below to find news sources and industry associations/organizations.

Reuters' website featuring headlines on the retail and consumer industry

Source: Reuters

Suggested Resources for Industry News

The resources below are free to access through WKU Libraries or are available freely on the internet. They are ranked in order of importance/usefulness, and are appropriate to cite in your research.

Note: Search for an industry using the search bar in any of the resources below. Some search multiple news sources at once, while others search one specific news source or publication.

Finding Industry Associations/Organizations

Industry/trade association websites often contain industry news & information, although some data may be available to members only. Look for news, research, resources, library, data, or other tabs on the association's website.

To find relevant industry associations and organizations:

  • Do a Google search structured like the following: industry description + association
    • Example: fiber optics + association
    • Example: automobile + association

Tip: Adding the command to a Google search will limit all the results to those with domains ending in .org.


Screenshot of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website

Source: National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website