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Research Metrics and Scholarly Identity

This guide covers multiple aspects of scholarly communication. Learn what research metrics can be used for, what the most common metrics are and where to find them, how to define a scholarly identity, and how to use different tools to share that identity.

Author-level metrics


  1. h-index
    • The number of articles (h) of an author that have received at least (h) citations over time
    • Attempts to measure an author’s impact over time
    • Find via Web of Science or Google Scholar

  2. g-index
    • Given a set of articles ranked in decreasing order of the number of citations that they received, the g-index is the largest number such that the top (g) articles combined received at least (g2) citations
    • Improves on the h-index by giving more weight to highly-cited articles
  3. Basic metrics
    • Total number of articles
    • Total number of citations
    • Average number of citations per article
    • Number of citations per author (for multi-author articles)