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Research Metrics and Scholarly Identity

This guide covers multiple aspects of scholarly communication. Learn what research metrics can be used for, what the most common metrics are and where to find them, how to define a scholarly identity, and how to use different tools to share that identity.

Activity: Defining your scholarly identity

  1. Complete the "What Counts?" worksheet
    • Select at least two areas to fill in
    • Feel free to add an area if it is missing
  2. Reflect on the following questions:
    • Which areas did you select?
    • Is there any misalignment between what you value and what you will be evaluated on?
    • What metrics can be used to highlight those areas?

Tips for communicating your scholarly identity

  1. Consistently maintain your profiles
  2. Be consistent with the name, profile picture, and bio that you use to represent yourself
  3. Cross-link your profiles when possible
    • Link back to TopSCHOLAR (WKU's institutional respository) on other platforms (instead of uploading papers to multiple places)