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Research Metrics and Scholarly Identity

This guide covers multiple aspects of scholarly communication. Learn what research metrics can be used for, what the most common metrics are and where to find them, how to define a scholarly identity, and how to use different tools to share that identity.

Other qualitative metrics

Qualitative metrics are equally as important as quantitative metrics to highlight the impact of your work. Examples include:

  1. Collaboration with colleagues
  2. Positive critical or media reviews
  3. Funding received
  4. Awards granted
  5. Patents or licenses granted
  6. Incorporation in workflows/processes
  7. Evidence of implementation in your field
  8. Changes in professional or technical standards
  9. Invitations to speak, facilitate, exhibit, or consult
  10. Inclusion in training or education material (e.g., course syllabi)
  11. Increase in numbers attending workshops/classes
  12. Attracting new audiences