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Research Metrics and Scholarly Identity

This guide covers multiple aspects of scholarly communication. Learn what research metrics can be used for, what the most common metrics are and where to find them, how to define a scholarly identity, and how to use different tools to share that identity.

What are research metrics?

Research metrics are measures used to quantify the influence or impact of scholarly work. They can be used to monitor and measure aspects of the scholarly communication process, and to compare the output of different researchers.

Research metrics include:
  • Bibliometrics, which are methods to analyze and track scholarly literature
  • Citation analysis
  • Altmetrics, which are alternative metrics that attempt to track and analyze scholarship through various digital media


Why are research metrics important?

Research metrics are used by employers, research administrators, and funding agencies to assess the impact of your research.

They can help you:

  • Secure employment, tenure, or funding
  • Determine where to publish by comparing metrics to identify top-performing journals in your subject area
  • Identify emerging areas of research
  • Discover top researchers in your field