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WKU Archives: Top Ten

Links to WKU Archives sources by creator, subject and graduating classes.

Top Ten Collection Inventories

Collection inventories describe the records housed in WKU Archives.  Records are arranged by creator or in subject collections and broken down by series of like records, such as correspondence, reports or subject files.  These are the top ten used items for May 2020.

1. UA1C11/1 Public Relations Photos

2. UA3/8/1 President's Office - Meredith Correspondence/Subject File

3. UA3/8/4 President's Office - Meredith - Regents 

4. UA11/2 Public Affairs Press Releases

5. UA3/1/2/1 President's Office - Cherry - Correspondence

6. UA1D WKU Personnel File

7. UA3/9/2 President's Office - Ransdell Subject File

8. UA1C11/57 Nursing Photo Collection

9. UA58/1 Theses & Dissertations 

10. UA1C3/3/ Student / Alumni Photos

Top Ten Student/Alumni Documents

1. Julia Hayes Papers

2. Jonesville Controversy

3. Incident at Hangman Valley

4. Nellie Gilmore Scrapbook

5. Obsequies of Dwight Smith & Kay Smith

6. Biology Notebook

7. Edyth Robinson Scrapbook 

8. Kay Meyers College High Scrapbook

9. Western Vietnam Moratorium Committee Correspondence

10. 1980 Football Team Scrapbook

These records are in the WKU Archives through the gracious donations of former students and their families.  If you have records of reflecting your time at WKU, please consider donating them to the archives for current and future students and scholars to use in their research. Check out all the student / alumni digitized records.

Subject Guide

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