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WKU Archives: Authors / Creators

Links to WKU Archives sources by creator, subject and graduating classes.

Authors / Creators

This page lists the authors / creators of documents, images, maps, films and other records housed in WKU Archives.  Where appropriate the record group number(s) appears in brackets next to the entry.  You can use the name or the record group number to search KenCat. Use quotation marks around entries for the best search results, e.g. "Academic Budgets & Administration (WKU)"

Example of KenCat search box:

KenCat Search Box Illustration

Use the top box to narrow your search to the items you are most interested in. Objects - three dimensional items housed in the Kentucky Museum

Archives - documents, oral histories, maps, music held in WKU Archives, Manuscripts and the Kentucky Library Research Collections

Creators - author / creator authority files, may include biographical information about the person

Containers - descriptions of the contents of boxes and folders housed in WKU Archives

Photos - photographs, negatives, slides, postcards, posters and other images housed in WKU Archives and the Kentucky Library Research Collection

Library - published books and microfilm

People - people authority file, may include biographical information about the person

Enter one of the names below in the Author/Artist/Photographer field.


Use the Record Group Number, e.g. UA3.1 when found in the Catalog Number field. 


321st Detachment

Academic Affairs (WKU)

Academic Budgets & Administration (WKU)

Academic Council (WKU)

Adams, Jeanie

Adams, Marion

Adler, Francisco

Admissions (WKU)

Aero-Graphic Corporation

African American Studies (WKU)

Agriculture (WKU)

Albrecht, Edgar

Allen, Louis

Allied Health (WKU)

Allis, Jan

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha Phi Omega

Alumni Association (BGBU)

Alumni Magazine

Alumni Relations (WKU)

American Association of University Professors (WKU)

American Association of University Women (WKU)

American Composite Coporation

Annis, Lena


Applewhite, Scott

Applied Arts & Health (WKU)

Arbeleaz, G.

Arrasmith & Judd

Arrasmith, W.S. & Joseph P. Wilk

Art (WKU)

Art Club (WKU)

Ashby, Frank

Asian Studies (WKU)

Association for the Study of African American Life & History (WKU)

Astin, ?

Athletic Committee (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU)

Athletics (WKU)

Bagnian, Edna

Baker, John

Baker, Tom

Bale, Gertrude

Banahan, David

Barnes, Donnie

Barrone, Bert

Baseball (WKU)

Basketball (WKU)

Bass, William

Battles, Jim

Baynham, Jeff

Beauchamp, Donnie

Bell, Ron

Bennett, Dorothy

Benson, Steve

Beta Gamma Sigma

Bettcher, Adam

Bettison's Gallery

Bewley, Drew

Biology (WKU)

Bishop, S. 

Bishop, Wilsie

Black Student Union (WKU)

Block & Bridle (WKU)

Bohannon, ? 

Borchuck, James

Bottomley, T.F.

Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Bowling Green Business University

Bowling Green Western Choral Society

Bowling Green Western Symphony Orchestra

Boyar, Stefanie

Boyd, John

Brady, Jason

Brashear, Marcella

Brockmeyer, C.

Brooks, David

Brooks, Mark

Brown, Hayward

Brownfield, Warner Carl, 1883-1968

Bruce, Don

Bruno of Hollywood

Bryant, R.B.

Buchanan, Todd

Bullock, M.D.

Burrill, Stuart

Burris, Todd

Burton, Alonzo Carroll, 1867-1933

Burton, Jim

C.T. American Art

Cain, Frank D. Jr., 1922-1994

Camellia Bowl Association

Campus Activities Board (WKU)

Campus Master Plan Committee (WKU)

Canon, Ernest Hubert, 1887-1978

Capps, Randall


Career Services (WKU)

Carneal, Sandy

Carpenter, Howard

Carpenter, James A.

Carpenter, M.

Carter, O.B.

Cary, Herbert

Caufield & Shook

Cayce Photo

Centennial Committee (WKU)

Centre College

Chappell Studio

Chard, Robin

Chemistry (WKU)

Cherry Family

Cherry Statue Committee (WKU)

Cherry, Bess Fayne, 1877-1954

Cherry, Henry Hardin, 1864-1937

Cherry, Thomas

Cherryton (WKU)

Ches Johnson Photo Center, Bowling Green, KY

Chi Omega

Clagett, Marjorie

Clark, Gary

Class of 1914 (WKU)

Class of 1915 (WKU)

Class of 1916 (WKU)

Class of 1917 (WKU)

Class of 1919 (WKU)

Class of 1920 (WKU)

Class of 1921 (WKU)

Class of 1922 (WKU)

Class of 1923 (WKU)

Class of 1924 (WKU)

Class of 1925 (WKU)

Class of 1928 (WKU)

Class of 1930 (WKU)

Class of 1932 (WKU)

Class of 1933 (WKU)

Class of 1934 (WKU)

Class of 1941 (WKU)

Class of 1946 (WKU)

Class of 1957 (CHS)

Class of 1958 (WKU)

Clayworth, ?

Cline Photo

Cloe, Mary

Coffey, Bob

College Heights Foundation (WKU)

College Heights Herald

Collins, Bill

Collins, Mike

Communication (WKU)

Congress Debating Club (WKU)

Consumer & Family Sciences (WKU)

Continuing Education

Conway, Sheila

Cook, Anna

Cook, Betty

Cook, Harry

Cornetet, Robin

Cornette, James Percival, 1909-1986

Council of Academic Deans (WKU)

Counseling & Testing Center (WKU)

Courtney, Pat

Covington, Orion

Cox, Amelia Jane Smith, 1855-1920

Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-1979

Craig, William J., 1872-1959

Cron, Nancy

Crume, Charles Thomas, Jr., 1933-1996

Cultural Enhancement Committee (WKU)

Cunningham, Crystal

Curd, Dan

Curd, Goldia McKeel Dunn

Curriculum Committee (WKU)

Curt, Teich & Co., Inc.

Curtis, Stacy

Cuson, Greg

Dalton, B.H.

Daly, Jamie

Daniel & Tippit

Daniel's Creative Photography

Daniel, J. 

Davis, Billy

Davis, Brinton B.

Davis, Virginia Wood

Deckle, Tom

Deel, Judy

Delta Phi Alpha

Delta Sigma Theta

Delta Tau Delta

Denes, Nick

Dental Hygiene (WKU)

Deputy, ?

DeWilde, Clara (Ramsey)

DeWolf, Henry

Dexter Press

Diddle, Edgar Allen, 1895-1970

Dieht's Studio

Diversity Programs (WKU)

Division of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO) (WKU)

Doane, Jim

Dooley, Glenn, 1905-1980

Douglas, Mike

Dowell, Mike

Downing, Joseph Dudley, 1925-2007

Drake, Sandi

Draper, Bill

Dunn, David

E.C. Kropp Co.

Eans, Kevin

Eastern Kentucky University

Education & Behavioral Sciences (WKU)

Education (WKU)

Edwards, Bruce

Ellis, Beulah Collins

Ellis, Carl

Energy for Student Awareness

English (WKU)

English Club (WKU)

Ericson, O.T.

Erwin, Mark

Evansville Junior Chamber of Commerce

Eversoll, Robert

F.M. Kirby & Co.

Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET) (WKU)

Faculty Research Committee (WKU)

Faculty Wives Club (WKU)

Farley, Seth, 1917-1999

FCG Classical Club (WKU)

Film Studies (WKU)

Flora, S. 

Folk Studies & Anthropology (WKU)

Folklife Studies Society (WKU)

Football (WKU)

Ford, Gordon

Ford, Marion Conner, 1888-1940

Ford, Steve

Forensics Team (WKU)

Forensics Union (WKU)

Forsythe, Belmont

Four Footed Fotos, Inc.

Fox Sports

Frank, David

Franklin Studio

Franklin, Julia

French Club (WKU)

Fuskine, Robert

Future Teachers of America (WKU)

Gamma Sigma Alpha

Gamma Sigma Sigma

Gardler, F.

Gardner, Lewis

Gardner, Richard

Garrett, Leon

Garrott, June Rose

Gatewood-Waddell, Alice

Gatton Academy of Mathematics & Science in Kentucky (WKU)

Gender & Women's Studies (WKU)

Gensheimer, Jim

Geography & Geology (WKU)

Georgetown College

Gibbons, David

Gibson, D.

Gibson, Tommy

Glasgow Normal School

Glowacki, Joe

Goldberger, Edward

Golden Rod

Golf (WKU)

Goodwin, Lucile

Gordon Ford College of Business (WKU)

Gordon, Mark

Gosnell, Omer

Gough Photo Service

Graduate Council (WKU)

Graduate School (WKU)

Graduate Studies & Research (WKU)

Graham Photography

Graham, Nelson

Green, Robert Powell, 1882-1963

Griffith, Rachel

Grise, Mary

Gullette, Irene

Harper, Julian

Harrison, Lowell Hayes, 1922-2011

Higher Education Review Commission

Hilltopper Athletic Foundation (WKU)

Hopkinsville Kentuckian

Houghton, Daniel

Huggason, Beulah

Human Resources (WKU)

Hundred Club (WKU)

Hunter, Lavinia



Imel, Joe


Jackson, Carlton L.

Jenkins, William Marshall, Jr., 1918-2002

Johnston, Robert

Jones, Jim

Jones, Leone


Junior American Dental Hygienist’s Association

Kentucky Bicentennial Committee (WKU)

Kentucky Broadcasters Association

Kentucky Heritage Commission

Kentucky Library & Museum (WKU)

Kentucky Museum (WKU)

King, Elizabeth

Kirkpatrick, Willett Douglas

Klein, Wilma

Lee, William C.

Lost River Cave

Louisville Courier-Journal

Lowe, William Herman, 1897-1987

Lowe, William Herman, 1897-1987

Maranatha Center (Bowling Green, KY)

Marshall Love & Company

McCauely, C. Haskel

Men’s Roundup (WKU)

Minton, John Dean, 1921-2008

Minton, Richard

Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper, 1885-1973

Moving to a New Level Student Expectations Task Force (WKU)

Multiple Creators

Murray State University

Nalbach, Walter

NASA USE National Aeronautics & Space Administration

National Broadcasting Company

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Newman Center (Bowling Green, KY)

News Publishing Company

Nursing (WKU)

O’Connor, Pat

Ogden College

Ogden College Foundation

Ogden, Robert Wenn, 1796-1873

Ohio Valley Conference

Page, George

Park City Daily News

Patterson, Charles

Pedigoe, Mae

Pershing Rifles

Phi Delta Theta

Physical Education & Recreation (WKU)

Pohl, J.

Potter College

Potter College of Arts & Letters (WKU)

Pounds, Dwight

President’s Club (WKU)

President’s Office (BGBU)

President’s Office (SNS)

Public Affairs (WKU)

Public Broadcasting Service


Ray, Marshal


Recreation Major’s Club (WKU)

Regents (WKU)

Registrar (OC)

Richardson, Sarah

Rodes-Helm Lecture Series (WKU)


Ruby, Earl

Ruter, Charles

Segnini Photography

Smiley, Kevin

Smith, Selby

Sofranko, Timothy

Special Events (WKU)

Stansbury, Edgar B.

Stearman, Megan

Stemm, Wilson

Stevens, Vaughn

Stinson, Ramona

Stockton, Juanita

Strahm, Franz Joseph, 1867-1941

Strode, Bill

Sumpter, Irene Malone (Moss) 1902-1996

Sumpter, Ward Cullin, 1902-1977

Sun Belt Conference

Switzer, Liz


Task Force on the Status of Women on Campus (WKU)

Thompson, E. Kelly, 1909-1993

Tichenor, Thomas

Toothman, Rex

Turner, Helen

U.S. Treasury

University Lecture Series

University Libraries (WKU)


Veach, Steely


Wellness Committee (WKU)

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University. Extended Campus-Glasgow Center

Western Players

Wilcutt, Terry

Wilson, Gordon, 1888-1970

Wilson, Ivan, 1889-1981

Winter, Michael

WKU Amateur Radio Club

WKU Archives

WKU Faculty

WKU President’s Office – Alexander [UA3.7]

WKU President’s Office – Cherry [UA3.1]

WKU President’s Office – Downing [UA3.4]

WKU President’s Office – Garrett [UA3.2]

WKU President’s Office – Meredith [UA3.8]

WKU President’s Office – Minton [UA3.5]

WKU President’s Office – Ransdell [UA3.9]

WKU President’s Office – Thompson [UA3.3]

WKU President’s Office – Zacharias [UA3.6]


WSM Radio