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Links to WKU Archives sources by creator, subject and graduating classes.

WKU Archives A-L

WKU Archives houses historical records created by and about Western Kentucky University, it's founding institutions, faculty, students and alumni.  For additional help in searching the collections consult:  

This is a list of search terms that can be used in searching KenCat. Use quotations around words when searching, e.g. "321st Detachment" to get the best results.

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321st Detachment

Academic Affairs (WKU)

Academic Budgets & Administration (WKU)- see also TopScholar publications


Administrative Council (WKU)

Admissions (WKU)

Agricultural Exposition Center

Agriculture (WKU)

African American Studies (WKU)

Alexander, Kern - see also TopScholar publications

ALIVE Center - see also TopScholar publications

Allied Health


Alumni Association (BGBU)

Alumni Relations (WKU) - see also TopScholar publications

Amazing Tones of Joy

American Association of University Professors (WKU)

American Association of University Women (WKU)

Applied Arts & Health (WKU)

Architectural & Manufacturing Sciences


Art (WKU) - see also TopScholar publications

Art Club (WKU)

Athletic Committee (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) - see also TopScholar publications

Athletic Marketing (WKU)

Athletics - Bibliography - see also TopScholar publications

Audio-Visual Service Center

Barnes-Campbell Hall




Bates-Runner Hall

Bemis Lawrence Hall

Beauty Queens

Big Red


Black Student Recruitment

Black Student Retention

Black Student Union

BGBU Registrar

BGBU Veterans Club

Bowling Green Business University (1906-1963) - see also TopScholar publications



Cabell Hall

Campus Activities Board

Campus Master Plan Committee

Cave & Karst

Cedar House

Centennial Committee

Center for Environmental Education & Sustainability

Center for Gifted Studies

Center for Intercultural & Folk Studies



Cherry Hall

Cherry, Henry - see also TopScholar publications

Cherry Statue


Chief of Staff

Class of 1920  

Clean Up Day

College Heights Foundation see also TopScholar publications

College Heights Foundation Building

College Heights Herald

College High see also University High



Communication Disorders

Consumer & Family Sciences

Construction Management

Construction Services

Consumer & Family Sciences

Council of Academic Deans

Counseling & Testing Center

Craig Alumni House

Cravens Graduate Center & Library

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Enhancement Committee

Curriculum Committee

Dental Hygiene

Diddle Arena

Diddle Dorm

Diddle, E.A. 

Diversity Programs

Division of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO)

Downing, Dero - see also TopScholar publications

Downing, Joseph 

Downing University Center

East Hall

Education & Behavioral Sciences see also TopScholar publications

Energy for Student Awareness see also TopScholar publications



English Club 

Enrollment Figures

Environmental Sciences & Technology Building

Equal Opportunity / 504 / ADA Compliance

Facilities & Campus Services

Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET)

Faculty House

Faculty Research Committee


Faculty Wives Club

Feix, Jimmy

Felts Log House

Finance & Administration

Folk Studies & Anthropology

Folklife Archives


Forensics Team

Forensics Union

French Club

Frisbie Hall

Future Teachers of America

Garrett Conference Center

Garrett, Paul - see also TopScholar publications


Get on the Bus

Gilbert Hall

Glasgow Normal School (1875-1890) see also TopScholar publications


Gordon Ford College of Business

Gordon Wilson Hall

Graduate Council

Graduate School

Graduate Studies & Research

Grise Hall

Guest Houses

Guthrie Tower

Hardin Planetarium

Health & Human Services

Health Services Building

Heating Plant

Helm-Cravens Library


Hilltopper Athletic Foundation

Hilltoppers Quartet 


Home Economics & Family Living

Home Ecnomics Building

Home Management House

Housing & Residence Life

Humanities Council

Industrial Education & Technology

Information Technology

Institutional Advancement

Institutional Research

International Club

International Programs

Iranian Student Association  

Italian Garden

Ivan Wilson Hall

Journalism & Broadcasting

Junior American Dental Hygienist's Association

Keen Hall

Kentucky Building  

Kentucky Heritage Project

Kentucky Library & Museum

Kentucky Museum

Leadership & Volunteerism  

Logos & Marks

Lost River Cave

L.T. Smith Stadium

WKU Archives M-Z

McDaniels, Jim

McLean Hall

Mammoth Cave International Center for Science & Learning


Mass Media & Technology Hall

Mathematics & Computer Science

Meredith, Thomas - see also TopScholar publications

Military Science


Minton Hall

Minton, John see also TopScholar publications

Modern Languages


Music Hall

News Publishing Company

North Hall

Northeast Hall


Ogden College (1877-1927)

Ogden College of Science & Engineering see also TopScholar publications

Ogden Hall

Old Fort Bridge

Oldham, John

Panhellenic Council

Parent Teacher Association

Pearce-Ford Tower

Philosophy & Religion


Physical Education & Recreation

Physics & Astronomy

Pioneer Log Cabin

Planning, Design & Construction

Pleasant J. Potter College (1889-1909) see TopScholar publications

Poland Hall

Political Science 

Potter College of Arts & Letters

Potter Hall

President's Home

President's Office

Preston Health & Activities Center



Public Affairs

Public Radio

Public Relations


Ransdell, Gary - see also TopScholar publications

Recitation Hall

Red Barn


Registrar - see also TopScholar publications

Research & Economic Development

Robert Penn Warren Symposium

Rock House

Rodes-Harlin Hall

Rural Training School

Saudi Student Club

Schneider Hall

Scholastic Development

School Colors

Seminar Center

Small Business Development Center

Snell Hall

Sponsored Programs



Southern Normal School (1884-1906) see also TopScholar publications

South Hall

Southwest Hall

Spirit Masters



Student Activities, Organizations & Leadership  

Student Affairs

Student Government Association

Student Organizations

Student Research Council



Swimming Pool

Tate Page Hall

Taylor Agricultural Center


Terry, William

Theatre & Dance

Theses & Dissertations 

Thompson, Kelly - see also TopScholar publications

Thompson Science Complex


Track & Cross Country

Training School 


United Student Activists 

University Attorney

University Centers & Leadership Programs 

University College

University High see also College High

University Libraries

University Relations

University Senate

University Wide Committees

Van Meter Hall

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans Village


W Club

Water Tower

Wellness Committee

West Hall

Wetherby Hall

WKU Amateur Radio Club

WKU Archives - see TopScholar publications

WKU Police

WKU Small Business Development Center

WKU Women

WKU Women's Alliance

Womens Basketball

Women's Studies & Support Program

Women's Track & Cross Country

Zacharias, Donald - see also TopScholar publications